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Solution Dynamically Adjusts Audio Ad Background Based on Listener Genre to Create a Less Disruptive, More Personalized Audio Ad Experience.

Dunkin’ is One of the First Brands to Leverage the Technology.

San Mateo, CA and London, UK (July 7, 2021) — AdsWizz, the global leader in digital audio and podcast technology solutions, and AI Music, a London based AI and music technology company, announced today that they have signed an agreement to bring AI Music’s Sympaphonic Ads technology to AdsWizz AudioMatic DSP, the company’s audio and podcast ad buying platform. …

Beta users include Virgin Hyperloop, Publicis Media and Polaris.

The launch of our partnership with Made Music Studio, a sonic branding and design studio known for their creative excellence and innovation in sound and technology, is a huge moment for the team at AI Music. This partnership marks the release of the world’s first AI powered audio branding platform. VentureSonic AI, is the first platform of its kind to use AI Music’s technology to scale and enhance the impact of a brand’s audio content. …

The question of whether artificial intelligence can be truly considered creative is something that has been asked and answered a thousand different ways. Since AI and machine learning first became a viable technology in the 21st century, society has questioned its ability to replicate the human brain’s ability to excel within ‘creative’ industries.

Music, art, poetry and many more… What does it mean to be creative? How creative can a machine truly be in comparison to the human brain? Indeed, can AI truly ever be creative?

It is a question that has a certain amount of fear and uncertainty around…

Andrew Klein is a creator, influencer, facilitator and collaborator. As Director of Content Innovation at Spark Foundry, he has worked with top tier brands like Microsoft, Coca-Cola North America, Comcast, Walmart, Wendys, Converse, Honda and Mondelez in the conception and production of innovative end-to-end ad products across a variety of media platforms.

As someone who finds new sources of innovation for brands at the top of their game, he is the ideal candidate for our New Perspectives series on advancements in audio and technology. We sat down with him to learn more:

Q. What to you, are the most exciting…

These are uncertain times for all of us, what the future holds for our health, economy and society is something that is still unclear — and everyone is trying to adapt to this new environment. The music industry is no exception.

Keith Jopling has worked in the music industry for over 20 years, providing insight on strategy and innovation projects for labels (EMI, Sony Music, Real World), live business (Live Nation, WOMAD), as well as production companies and audio brands, such as Bowers & Wilkins and Bang & Olufsen.

He is the Founder of the music discovery service, and Consulting…

Cliff Fluet has over two decades’ experience in the music industry, having practised as in-house counsel and external advisor to some of the biggest names in digital, mobile, social, brands, music, live events and online.

On top of this, he also works with some of the most disruptive start-ups in this space across artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cryptography, and social/immersive video.

We sat down with Cliff to learn more about his vision for the future of audio.

How do you feel the music industry approaches emerging technologies?

There is a general consensus that the music industry is slow-moving. Yet it…

AI Music

We are on a mission to redefine how we experience music. We use the power of AI & make music that enables brands create deeper connections with their audiences.

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